The Case of: “The Extra Car Seat”

graco-extend2fit-3in1-car-seat-janey-80571566-02The Evidence: The Single Unit, The Backtracking, The Frustration

The Suspects: Queen Bug and Daddy Detective

Case Notes: I suppose this should be titled, The Case of: The Missing Car Seat instead, as the whole problem is the fact that we don’t have two of them.When we bought the car seat for our child we figured that it was no big deal to switch the car seat from car to car depending on which one we were taking. Besides, typically we take the Queen Bug’s car when we are out as a family, and she stays home with the Little Bug all day so the majority of the time the car seat would be in that car.

However, with Queen Bug working at night this leaves me home with the Little Bug and we have been going places more lately. Just the other night a problem with the car seat arose. I got her ready, packed her bag, shoes on, keys in hand, went to the garage…and no car seat…went to my car…no car seat…. “Great! Mom has it in her car.” Back in the house we go.

Then just this morning I got up for work and left. I was driving down the road and I happened to reach back to the backseat for my CD case, and I notice I’ve got the car seat with me, as we had taken a trip to Wal-Mart recently (see previous post for the brutal details). So I had to turn around, because WHAT IF something happened and Queen Bug and Little Bug HAD to go somewhere…

Yes, I was late for work.

Case Standing: Closed.