The Case of: “The Cashier Lady”


The Evidence: Daddy Detective’s Burning Red Face and the Smell of Smoke Around his Ears

The Suspects: The Wal-Mart Cashier Lady

Case Notes: Ok, so I went out with my daughter while Queen Bug was at work last night. We went to the store just to pick up a few things, nothing crazy. Everything’s going great until I get to the checkout and the lady at the register looks at Little Bug as says “awww, how cute”. Which I expected, everyone loves babies, and cute babies just make the process even more expected. Thankfully she didn’t try to touch her (if you’ve read previous case logs you understand).

However, what she did do was insult me and my fatherhood…not manhood, that’s something that was taken away long ago, I’m talking about my fatherhood. Unfortunately this is not the first time this has occurred, and the previous occasion was at Wal-Mart as well. Stupid Wal-Mart people. Anyways, I’m standing there with my daughter, who’s smiling and clapping away in the cart. I’ve got a smile on my face even though I’m about to swipe the debit card and release my hard earned money to the evil that is….never mind I won’t rant on that today. As I was saying, this bag at the register, this nasty scum of a women says to my little girl; “did daddy get stuck babysitting you today?”

Letter to Wal-Mart Employees at Cash Registers:
Babysitting? BABYSITTING? I didn’t know fathers babysat their own children!? I thought they cared for their children, loved their children, watched their children sure, but babysat? As if I was a 15 year old, pimply faced, phone-attached-to-my-ear-teenager looking for a few extra dollars to buy those really cool shoes at the mall. As if I was conned into it by her mother. As if I was paid some monetary amount of money for my services as “the babysitter.” Or as if I was going to just drop her off in an hour and have the night to myself. Did daddy get stuck babysitting? No! No he did not get stuck babysitting his daughter. No, see unlike your train wreck of a childhood and god-forbid parenthood, I actually love spending time with my child. I like watching her face light up at new people in stores and become all funny around other kids. I love how other kids are screaming in the stores and she just watches them as if to say, “what the hell is your problem!?” I love to see her crawl around the house and make funny noises and basically learn new things everyday. So no, daddy didn’t get stuck with anything; daddy chose to take his daughter out. I know this all comes as a shock to you because all the men in your life bailed and your own dad was probably a drunk or at best a moron, but the majority of fathers out there care about their kids and want to be with them. So next time a child and father pull up to your checkout line please don’t ruin the wonderful experience that is daddy/daughter time by actually opening your uneducated and empty self to say anything except, “your total is $19.50” and “have a nice day”.

Case Standing: Closed.