The Case of: “A Dad’s Reflection”


The Evidence: The puzzled look upon Daddy Detective, the scribbles in his journal, the wads of paper, the numerous Microsoft Word documents

The Suspects: Daddy Detective

Case Notes: My first real memory of a musical experience isn’t just a memory, it’s a feeling (by the way, yes the picture above is me…have a nice laugh). I had a realization a little while back when I was thinking about my dad and how much he has done for me, and how I only HOPE to do as much for The Little Bug. Upon thinking about this I was recalling different experiences I had with my father and two really stood out. The first, baseball and little league. I remember how much effort and time he put into my team, my training, cards, favorite players, and how much he tried to give me what he could when it came to this sport and my love for it. Even though he never played a single inning as a kid, he learned as much as he could in order to become a coach….and a great one at that (14-0 – Go Eagles!).

The second thing that stood out however, was music. Although his brother, my uncle, was much more musically inclined, it was my dad who first introduced me to music and had the biggest impact on me in this regard, as I still love music to this day, and play bass, guitar, and attempt to sing.

During my reflecting I recalled this sensation, this experience that was very much embedded in my soul. It’s not one moment or one incident, but a collection of moments in my childhood strung together. It is of my dad and I in our old Dodge “K” Car, dark nasty brown with light brown interior, driving up our old curvy neighborhood road, towards our little neighborhood house…listening to “The Beatles”. The songs, well they varied. Sometimes I recall “Hello/Goodbye” and “The Walrus” and other times I just recall the voice and their sound projecting through the cheap run-of-the-mill speakers. Whatever the songs, no matter how cheap the speakers or car, we just sat there, a dad and his son, heading home.

It’s funny, when looking back at this time I just can’t help but feel as though he shaped my understanding of music. I love “The Beatles” to this day. I still listen to their albums and make my own mixes. Sure I have my own tastes in music, some my dad wouldn’t touch in a million years, but just like we both love the Pittsburgh Pirates, Steelers, and Penguins…we both love “The Beatles”, and can share them together.

This got me thinking, I wonder if The Little Bug will recall any of our musical experiences?! If she’ll someday remember a band, perhaps Pearl Jam (as they are a frequent staple with me). Will she be sitting around listening to the radio or god-forbid a TV commercial, hear a Pearl Jam song and say to herself; “I remember when my dad and I listened to these guys.”

I sure hope so.

Case Standing: Closed.